Byfusion Technology
Byfusion has a range of existing products - see drawings and measurements of blocks and other products on our Product Specs page
Initially we are making a plastic utility block 400mm x 200mm x 200mm and with a weight of 6.5kg.  This can be used for a variety of applications.  One of these products is the Byfusion Building Block, an environmentally friendly, all-round contruction material.  It can be used to erect gardening or retaining walls in a considerably shorter time than a standard brick wall.  The Byfusion wall can be plastered, coloured or manufactured with a covering film.  It can also be covered with a specially manufactured seeded blanket to become a "living" wall of plants.

BYFUSION will mainly supply three different capacity plants:
One -tonne per day plant -  250 blocks per day
Ten - tonne per day plant  - 1000 blocks per day
Twenty-tonne per day plant - 2000 blocks per day

The Ten-tonne per day plant is designed to be transportable and comprises two 12.0 metre containers that can be "plugged" into any number of area base stations.  This technology is scalable and much larger capacity plants can be manufactured to suit any need.

Ship Mounted one ton a day Byfusion Unit
This Byfusion unit is designed for the waste plastic problem on Ships
Cruise Liners
Large Container or Commercial Ships
Navy Vessels

Measurements: 2.4 long x 2.4high x 2m wide
Photo of a garden wall built out of byfusion building blocks - see video for further information